Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not So Graceful Ice Princess

File:DorkDiaries4.jpgIf you like a book that is goofy? Then this is a book for you.Its about a girl name Niki her life is rough .she worries a lot if something isn't right so her best friends Chole and zoey come up reasons why everything is going to be okay. Makinze is always mean to them. Will she survive middle school? Reviewed by: Teffanie


This book is really good.
This book is about a little friendly puppy named Laika’s life. Would you like a Historical dog?Laika is a small dog.After a month of being with her mom laika is seprated from her family.she was given to masters friends child to teach him respect.Will Laika get out?If Laika gits found what will happen to her? I like the beginning and end bether then the middle because in the middle there is dieing.The beginning it is slow but the end is fanating. This book can be be read to kindergarden and older. Reviewed by: Eva

I Survived the Destruction of Pompeii, AD 79

This book is a really good book because it has a lot of adventure & action. In this book Marcus & his dad are slaves and they were separated because his dad was sold & then one day they meet again in the city.Then they ran away together up the volcano then they realized something's wrong . the volcano was about to explode so they went back to the city to warn the people.they were caught in the middle of an explodeing volcano.Once the volcano exploded everyone was running away from the city and they can’t get around it.Will Marcus & his dad survive?I recomend this book to 2nd graders to 5th graders.
Reviewed by: Ashley

Septimus Heap -Magyk

Do you crave adventure?Then look no further than the first book in the Septimus heap series, Magyk. The day a baby princess and the seventh son of a seventh son which makes him a great magyker but soon after not only is Septimus Heap proclaimed dead, but the baby princess is thought to be murdered with her parents.But what rally happened on that night? Could it be that Septimus is alive?if so where is he? Did the infant princess survive? Read to find out!
Reviewed by: Maura


Do you have siblings? If you do then do they argue with you then this is the book for you,this is about a family trip and these two sisters who can’t get along with each other.The author of the book is Raina Telgemeier.Have you always wanted something and once you get it you kind of don’t want it any more? That is how Raina was when her sister Amara was born.If you love drama and have siblings than this is the book for you also if your siblings annoy you. Reviewed by: Brianna

The Case of the Lost Boy

The Case of the Lost Boy
If you like mystery books,then you probably will like the case of the lost boy.the little boy goes missing and the boy dog tries to help but no body no notices.he is trying to get there attention .but since nobody would pay attention, he went to go figure it out,will they find him?where was he? Read the book to find out!
Reviewed by: Megan

Judy Moody

Do you like funny books? Then this book is right for you! Judy moody by: Megan Mcdonald is the book for you! Judy moody was mad because her summer was OVER!! what a bummer school was back in session. Judy moody still had to sit by frank who eats glue. Judy moody wanted to be cool this year so she decided to write i eat shark on her T-shirt. Do you want to know what spunky, adventurous things happens this year? read the book to find out! Reviewed by: Teya

I Survived the Shark Attack

A feeling comes to ten year old Chet Roscow when he was in the Matawan creek by himself.A week before some kids pranked chet because he joined their club.They put a fake shark fin on their back and they swam towards him and he was scared.Chet was alone in the Matawan Creek and he feels as if someone was watching him and then he feels something hit him in his side.He thought it was unreal for there to be a shark because they live miles away from the ocean.What was Chet seeing was it the real deal or another PRANK?

Reviewed by: Justin

Friday, May 22, 2015

Neptune Project

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Neptune Project by Polly Holyoke is an amazing,action-packed, adventure book. It all starts off in a harbor where a girl named Nere lives.Now boys just because she is a girl doesn’t mean it’s kissy kissy romance all day-long.There is a smuggler problem,school is being dismissed,and everyone is being forced inland. Nere’s mother calls her and her friends down to her secret lab,and they go through a drastic change in the way they live to escape the disease. How will they escape the disease?When will they reach safety?How is their new life style?READ TO FIND OUT.

Reviewed by: Dylan

Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

519FB983G1L.jpgHave you ever lost somebody that is very important to you? In this story, Eleanor did. Her babysitter: Bibi who was best babysitter to Eleanor was moving away. To Eleanor, Bibi was part of her family and part of her life. She cried and cried when she heard that bad bad news. Even a news babysitter: Natalie came and tried to babysit her, ,but she couldn’t. Eleanor didn’t even tried to be friendly to her. Eleanor wrote a letter to Bibi, but Eleanor didn’t get letter back! Eleanor was being little bit familiar and friendly to Natalie every day. Will Eleanor will get letter back from Bibi? Will Bibi come back? Or will Natalie be best babysitter as Bibi? You have to find it out when you read this very good book! By: Nanami M.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

To the Top

To the Top is by S.A.Kramer. To the top two man name is Hillary, Tanzing to conguer  M. Everest.On thair way up thair challengs thay had to get throw .They  were the first two people to ever reach the highest spot on the planet.This was based on a true story.
Read the book to find out how they survived Mt.Everest. Any 3-5 grader will like this book.
Reviewed by: Leonard



  Do you like books like aventure.Well Graceful is a great book for girls.Graceful is my favorite book and was written by Wendy Mass.It is a book about a girl named Grace she is 11 years old.A girl named Angelina has special powers.She is protecting the neighborhood named willow falls.She only have the power to do is turn leftover meatloaf  to pizza!She is not alone.She made up a team named TEAM GRACE!Her members is Amanda,Leo,Rory,Tara,David,and Connor.They know some things about magic.Soon in willow falls it will change forever.Do Grace have all the power to protect the neigborhood? I bet any 4th to 7th grade will like this book.

Reviewed by: Gabrielle

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Mecha-Monkeys from Mars

Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot vs. The Mecha-monkeys from Mars By:Dav Pilkey and Dan Santat. Ricky ricotta was a nice kid with a Mighty robot who loved to play with  his robot.Then one day a monkey and his robot came to earth because he hated mars and wanted to make all the mice slaves .He had been watching all the bad things that had happened on earth and saw Ricky ricotta save earth and be the hero ? Read to see what happens in the amazing book.
Reviewed by Colten

The One and Only Ivan

Do you like fantasy books? The One and Only Ivan is the book for you.The main characters are Ivan and Stella.Ivan is a gorilla that has lived in a cage for 30 years. They found out about Ivan by the sign that said The One and Only Ivan at the big mall. Stella is an elephant that lives next to Ivan get out. They started to come in more often and realized that they are were treating him wrong so they wanted him in the zoo. Find out and read The One and Only Ivan.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mighty Robots

Do you want to read about a mouse and a robot that work together to beat the voodoo vultures that can defeat any type of team?Then you should read Mighty Robots by: Dav Pilkey. It is about a mouse and a robot that go and try an defeat the voodoo vultures and if you want to read more than check out this book.I recommend this book for 1st -5th graders to read it. Do you think the robot will win?
Reviewed by: Jackson

Batter Up!

Jake Maddox wrote a book called Batter Up! Caleb changed leagues to a travel team named the Spuds. When he needed to win the game he pulled out his “lucky” wooden bat. When he gets up to the plate his coach says you can’t use that bat,but he does and hits a home run. When he gets to home plate he notices is bat is missing?Will he get his bat back?Can he use it,if he keeps striking out? Find out by reading this sports, action packed book.

Neptune Project book review


Do you like extreme action,suspense,and a little bit of romance than The Neptune Project is the book for you.In the begining Nere finds out that she is part of a very special group of kids.Her mom doesn’t tell her the details,but what Nere does find out is that her life is about to change.She is going to live underwater.Her mom said that she will be able to breathe underwater ,and that she will have to travel thousands of miles to a safe colony. It will be a very dangerous trip.Will Nere and her group make? Read this book to find out!