Tuesday, May 26, 2009

True Blue Broadcast #2

We have finished recording our final two podcasts. Everyone did a great job!

Podcast #3 - Science Podcast

Lorena, Karly, Christina, and Lillian

Podcast #4 - Social Studies Podcast
Samantha, Kathleen, Joe, and Christopher

Esperanza Rising

We are half way through Esperanza Rising. Esperanza has moved to California and her life is very different. What is your prediction for the rest of the book? Do you think Mama will recover from Valley Fever? Do you think Abuelita will join them in California?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

True Blue Broadcast Podcasts!

We have finally recorded our first 2 podcasts. During music students created their own theme song for our broadcast. They did a great job.

We recorded our first two podcasts today. We are all still learning and have realized how hard it is NOT to laugh while recording.

Check out the first two podcasts and stayed tuned for more.
Podcast #1 - Social Studies - Texas Revolution

Gloria, Joseph, Rey, and Kathy

Podcast #2 - Science - Solar System
Jerry, Paul, Matthew, DJ, Isaac