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Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Frindle, Chapter 7-10

After reading chapters 7-10, answer the following questions. Remember to use text evidence when the question is asking you to provide it and type your name with your comment.

1. Where did Nick start using his new word?

2. How did John help Nick with his plan in class?

3. How did Mrs. Granger react to the new name for a pen? Provide text evidence to support your answer.

4. What was Pete's great idea?

5. Why did Mrs. Chatham visit Nick and his parents at home?

6. If "ain't" is not a proper word, how can it be in the dictionary, as Nick points out? What is Nick trying to prove when he brings the point up with Mrs. Chatham?

7. Do you agree with Mrs. Granger or Nick's parents about using the word frindle? Why? 8. Imagine you are the report from the Wakefield Gazette, trying to get the scoop on the new word. What questions would you ask Mrs. Granger? How would you convince the principal to give you the real story?

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Frindle, Chapters 4-6

After reading chapters 4-6, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Remember to use text evidence and type your name in your comment!

1. What is the rule at Nick's house? Is it a fair rule? Why or why not?

2. Where in the dictionary did Nick look to get help with his report?

3. Why did Nick have a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach in chapter 5?

4. How did Nick feel before he gave his report? Provide text evidence from the book to support your answer.

5. Who decides which words goes in the dictionary?

6. What was Nick's big idea?

7. What are three important things that happened in chapter 6.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Frindle, Chapters 1-3

After reading chapters 1-3, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Don't forget to add your name to your comment!

  1. Of the three lists of students mentioned on page 1, to which list did Nick Allen belong?

2.Who was making the “peep” sound in class? Who did Mrs. Avery think it was?

3.What subject does Mrs. Granger teach?

4. What made Mrs. Granger famous? What did Mrs. Granger love?

5. What was the first thing the students did in Mrs. Granger’s class?

6. What was Nick known for in class?

7. What was Nick’s question to Mrs. Granger? How did Mrs. Granger answer Nick’s question?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hachiko Waits - Chapter 9-Epilogue

After reading the rest of Hachiko Waits, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Remember to use text evidence when necessary and write your name on your comment!
1. How is Hachi loyal?
2. What happened when Hachi barked for the second time in his life?
3. Why was Mr. Yoshikawa happy about Hachi dying?
4. What is the special train?
5. How was Hachi honored?
6. How did Hachi teach loyalty, devotion, hope, and faith to others? Explain and give examples from any part of the book.

Hachiko Waits - Chapter 7-8

After reading chapters 7-8, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Remember to use text evidence when necessary.

1. Why did Yasuo want to be the first person off the train?
2. What does devoted mean? How is Hachi devoted?
3. How will Yasuo take care of him?
4. How does Hachi react every time a train approaches?
5. Why does Hachi continue to hope and wait for his master each day?
6. How does Hachi earn the name Chuken Hachiko? What does it mean and why does it fit him?
7. How is Hachi encouraging the people of Japan?
8. How did Hachi impress everyone when he ate the Yakitori?